Nokta legend metal detectors: The perfect mid range metal detector?

Nokta has been a staple name in the North American metal detector industry. Among professionals and hobbyists alike, they have made an impact such that they keep coming back to this brand every time they think of metal detectors. Nokta metal detectors offer tremendous value for money in 2023, considering the developments in the market both technologically and financially. 

These metal detectors are a mid-range offering, bringing the best of both worlds to the customers. You can expect industry-standard reliability, quality, and customer service at super-competitive prices so you do not have to break the bank when looking for a metal detector. Their metal detectors start under $250 and provide great value for money. Let us explore some of the top offerings:

1. Nokta Makro Legend Pro pack metal detector

The Legend from Nokta is a simultaneous multi-frequency metal detector enabling you to look for a wide range of objects at once. The Makro legend has an 12” x 9” search coil with coil cover and the pro pack comes with an additional 6” search coil and coil cover. The multi-frequency search, waterproof build, and the 3-year warranty combined with two search coil options make this metal detector the best choice for multi-terrain operations. Pick up your own Nokta Makro Legend Pro Pack metal detector today online from the comfort of your home.

2. Nokta Simplex+ WHP metal detector

Rocking the industry standard 11” Search coil and coil cover, It does not get more simple yet capable than the Nokta Simplex+ WHP metal detector. With five search modes: Field mode, Park Mode 1, Park Mode 2, Beach Mode, and an all-metal mode, you can expect to operate on any terrain you may encounter and not rethink your choice of metal detector.

3. Nokta Legend WHP metal detector

Being a multi-frequency metal detector, you can expect top-of-the-line versatility from this metal detector. The Legend features the standard 12” x 9” search coil and coil cover. Paired with the best-in-class 3-year warranty, you are ready for the upcoming adventures with the Nokta Legend WHP metal detector.

Picking the right pointer for your metal detector

The pointers are an essential part of the digging toolkit. After spotting a potential find, pointers help you to accurately locate and retrieve the item of interest from the mud and rubble. The pointers come equipped with a 360-degree detection tip for easy use. The larger search coil in the metal detector may cause interference in inferior pointers. Nokta pointers come equipped with interference-blocking technology so that the pointers work at maximum efficiency. The replaceable cover ensures that after an extended use in the field, the damaged or worn cover can be replaced and you can continue using the same pointer for years to come, ultimately cutting down on costs.

In conclusion

The range of metal detectors from Nokta offers great value for money and is a hit among amateur hobbyists and professionals alike. You can leverage the power of these metal detectors by ordering online from Texhoma Metal Detectors and testing them yourself. You can find metal detectors in our online store. Research, compare, and place your order online now. 

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