Nokta Simplex+ WHP Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Nokta Simplex+ WHP Metal Detector


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Simplex+ WHP Includes:

Simplex+ Metal Detector
Wireless Headphones
11” DD Search Coil
11” DD Search Coil Cover
Simplex Cap
USB Charging & Data Cable
User Manual
2 Year Warranty

Simple enough for beginners, 
Yet impressive enough for experts.


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Operating Principal   VLF
Operating Frequency   12 kHz
Search Modes   5 (Field/Park 1/Park 2/Beach/All Metal
Audio Tones   3
Notch Filter   5
Pinpoint   Yes
Vibration   Yes
Frequency Shift   Yes
Sensitivity Setting   Yes
Target ID   Yes
SearchCoil   11” DD
Display   Graphic LCD
Backlight   Yes
Keypad Backlight   Yes
LED Flashlight   Yes
Weight   2.9 lbs.
Length   25” – 52”
Battery   2300mAH Lithium Polymer (rechargeable)
Warranty   2 years