Nokta Makro Legend WHP Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Nokta Makro Legend WHP Metal Detector





Legend WHP Includes:

- Legend Metal Detector
- 11" DD SearchCoil w/Cover
Wireless Headphones
Legend Cap
USB Charging & Data Cable
Headphone Soft Case


The Legend is “changing” the for game for MULTI-FREQUENCY

Do not accept paying More for Less!

Nokta Makro’s first simultaneous multi frequency metal detector THE LEGEND is loaded with features that makes it the best multi-purpose detector, adaptable for all types of targets and ground conditions.

This “legendary” metal detector offers exceptional performance in the toughest conditions in its world-praised robust and water proof design and comes at a price that sets a new standard in the industry.

In depth and advanced discrimination capability in trashy sites along with its silent and stable operationon the beach an underwater will captivate all land and beach hunters.

The LEGEND is equipped with specifications that are suitable also for gold prospectors to be able todetect those small gold nuggets in highly mineralized gold fields.

Detect Modes

- Park
- Field
- Beach
- Gold Field


Operating Frequencies: Multi(2), 4 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 40 kHz
Auto Frequencies: 100Hz-1200Hz Adjustable
Search Modes: 4, Park, Field, Beach, Gold Field
Custom User Profiles: 4
Audio Tones: 60
Tone Volume: Yes
Tone Break: Yes
Tone Pitch: Yes
Adjustable Threshold: Yes
Notch Filter: Yes
Ground Balance: Automatic/Manual/Tracking
Pinpoint: Yes
Frequency Shift: Yes
Noise Cancellation: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Sensitivity Setting: Yes
Target ID: 01-60
SearchCoil: 11" DD SearchCoil w/cover
Display: Custom LCD
Backlight: Yes
LED Flashlight: Yes
Weight: 3 lbs.
Length: 25”-52”
Battery: 5050mAh Lithium Polymer
Warranty: 2 Years