Here is how XP metal detectors are ruling the premium metal detector segment!

When you need quality and reliability on your digging quests, XP metal detectors come to mind. With an extensive range of professional-grade metal detectors, they are the go-to choice of professional treasure hunters and gold prospectors. If you are in the market for a top of the line, cutting-edge tools for metal detection, let us discuss further the options you can explore among the long list of metal detectors from XP metal detectors.

1. XP Deus metal detector

It is a fully wireless metal detector, with a modern and innovative design. The XP Deus metal detector is the first metal detector to introduce a fully wireless design. You can use the detector in the field and fold it away in as little as 5 seconds thanks to the revolutionary s-shaped telescopic design. The Deus offers wireless connectivity with the WS5 and WS4 headphones and remote control. You may also use the WS5 headphone to use the detector without the remote control.

2. XP Deus II metal detector

It is a wireless, multi-frequency metal detector, with user-friendliness as a core principle. The lightweight design is guaranteed to make extended use more comfortable and the unique s-shaped telescopic design ensures maximum convenience when putting away the device. The XP Deus II metal detector comes enabled with FMF ( Fast Multi Frequency ) Technology, allowing it to quickly switch from lower frequencies of around 4kHz up to 45 kHz. The wide range of sensitivity allows you to accurately target your potential finds.

3. XP ORX metal detector

Designed while keeping gold prospecting in mind, these metal detectors are the professional’s choice. The XP ORX metal detector can detect frequencies up to 80kHz especially for gold prospecting. With multiple coil options for higher sensitivity, The ORX range offers top-of-the-line sensitivity for accurate results. You may count on the S-shaped lightweight telescopic design for long hours in the field without putting too much stress on your hands. With the ability to connect with wireless headphones, long hours in the field are now a breeze.

How to choose the right pointer for your metal detector?

In case you are already using or planning to purchase DEUS, DEUS II, or ORX metal detector, you need a pointer along with the metal detector. The XP Mi-6 pinpointer is among the best in the market, pairing perfectly with their metal detectors. You can control it using your metal detector’s remote control. Adjust sensitivity, view location chart, check and adjust settings and a lot more options when you are using the remote control. You may also adjust the tone of the pointer if you find it necessary.

In conclusion

XP is a renowned name in the world of metal detectors. Among the top reputed brands worldwide, you can rely on them to get your hands on the cutting edge of metal detector technology. Along with market-leading detectors, you can also find accessories like headphones, batteries, and chargers for digging and gold prospecting. Searching for the right metal detectors from XP? Order online from Texhoma Metal Detectors now! 

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