Minelab X-TERRA PRO metal detector

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Minelab X-TERRA PRO metal detector





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X-TERRA PRO metal detector
12” DD Elliptical SearchCoil and CoilCover
Charging Cable
Getting started guide

Pro Switch
Driven by the enhanced PRO-SWITCH™ engine, X-TERRA PRO by Minelab give you the power to switch frequencies. Detect targets deep anywhere, in any conditions - there’s deep and then there’s Minelab deep. PRO-SWITCH (switchable frequency technology), so you can set it to 5,8, 10, or 15 kHz at the press of a button and take control of any environment or situation that comes your way.

Search Modes
Choose between 2 X Park, 2 X Field, and 2 X Beach pre-programmed Search Modes. No terrain is off limits.

Fully Waterproof
With waterproof control pod and coil to 16 ft, take X-TERRA PRO anywhere – land or water – and own the ground beneath your feet.

X-TERRA PRO Tech Specifications

Search Modes: Park, Field, Beach
All-Metal Shortcut: Yes
Custom Search Profiles: 6
Operating Frequencies: kHz Park and Field: 5, 10, 15 Beach: 8
Noise Cancel: Auto 19 Channels
Ground Balance: Auto, Manual, Tracking
Sensitivity: 1 to 25
Target Volume: 0 to 25
Threshold Level: 0 to 25
Threshold Pitch: Fixed
Target Identification: 119 segment notch discrimination: Ferrous: -19 to 0 I
Non-Ferrous: 1 to 99
Target Tones: 1, 2, 5, All Tones (At), Depth (dP)
Tone Break: (FE)
Tone Volume: 1 adjustable: 0 to 25
Recovery Speed: 1 to 3
Depth Indicator: 5 levels
Discrimination Segments: 30 increments (in increments of 4 Target ID’s)
Pinpoint Mode: Yes
Wireless Audio: Yes
Length (approx): 25” to 54”
Weight includeing batteries: 2.9 lbs
Display: Monochrome LCD
Display and Keypad Backlight: (red) off high low
Flashlight: on off
Vibration: (master and ferrous) on off
Supplied Coil: V12X 12” DD Elliptical w/Skid Plate
Audio Output: In-built LoudSpeaker, wired 1/8” headphones, wireless headphones
Battery: 3.7V/5100 mAh Internal Lithium-Lon battery
Additional Included Accessories: getting started guide, charging cable
Waterproof: 16 ft
Operating Temperature Range: +14 to +104 fahrenheit
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +158 degrees Fahrenheit
Key Technologies: Pro-Switch™

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