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New! Jase Robertson Signature Edition Apex Metal Detector


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New! Jase Robertson Signature Edition Apex Metal Detector $499.95

Garrett Apex Jase Robertson Series Metal Detector Headstock View

Garrett Jase Robertson Signature Edition Apex Metal Detector
Garrett PN: 1142363


Includes the Apex metal detector dipped in the new Garrett Camo pattern, with a 8.5"x11' DD Multi-Flex Raidar coil (PN: 2223700), and these accessories: Garrett Raidar search coil cover (PN: 1606600); and a Duck Commander® branded duck call with lanyard (this item not sold separately).

Garrett Apex Metal Detector Jase Robertson Series with jeb and Murry

Television audiences came to love watching the Robertson family from Louisiana during their eleven seasons of Duck Dynasty. Known for their long beards and successful duck call manufacturing business, the Robertson clan is about to embark on another run on reality television featuring a different style of hunting: metal detecting!

Garrett Metal Detectors is proud to be associated with Jase Robertson, his brother Jep Robertson, and their hunting buddy Murry Crowe. So much so that we are releasing a pair of our best-selling detectors dipped in an original Garrett camouflage pattern bearing the name of the Jase Robertson Signature Series.

Jase, Jep and Murry will be hunting with these unique Garretts on their new TV show, titled Duck Family Treasures, which will release in America on Fox Nation® streaming network in mid-June.
Garrett Apex Jase Robertson Series Metal Detector Picture
Multi-Flex Multi-Frequency technology makes Apex ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting, shallow water wading, beach hunting, and even prospecting!
Garrett Apex Jase Robertson Series Search Coil and Duck Call Picture

Each Jase Robertson Signature Edition detector is shipped in an attractive new point-of-purchase box and includes a Duck Commander® branded duck call.
Garrett AT Max Metal Detector Profile View Picture
Garrett Apex Metal Detector Jase Robertson Profile View

Simplicity… With Full Control

Intuitive and Efficient Controls: Direct drive buttons for most frequency used controls. Easy-access menu adjusts for other controls.
Six Detection Modes + Pinpoint: Zero, Coins, US Coins (with coin icons), Jewelry, Relics and Custom.
Hi-Resolution Ground Balance: 175 points of ground balance resolution (like the Garrett AT Max), ranging from ground to saltwater.
Large Target ID Numbers-Rechargeable Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides approximately 15 hours of use, depending on setting.
Iron Audio: Garrett’s unique feature helps to correctly identify iron objects, such as bottle caps.
5-Tome Audible Target ID: Five distinctive tones provide greater audio target identification.
Hybrid Audio System: The Apex target audio provides the simplicity of binary audio (found on existing ACE detectors) with the additional benefits of subtle proportional audio for faint targets.
Backlit LCD Volume Control: For both the built-in speaker and headphones.
Eight Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments: 1/8” Jack for optional wired headphones.
Built-in Z-Lynk Wireless Technology: Up to 6 times faster than Bluetooth. Hunt without the cords.

Excellent Detection Depth on a wide variety of targets.
Fast Target Recovery Speed
Highly Versatile


Garrett Apex Metal Detector Headstock Picture

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